Writing is essential to the practice of architecture. From short emails to hefty design and access statements, written communication is a key part of any project. Many architects, however, struggle to express themselves clearly in writing and feel they spend far too long on day-to-day writing tasks. Even the best and most confident writers may need a little extra help with the nuts and bolts of grammar, or with creating interesting, relevant narratives.

The good news is that everyone can learn to write better. And improving your writing skills can enhance your productivity, confidence and professional image.

My lively and interactive courses – delivered in-house at clients’ offices – help architects and other construction professionals to write more fluently, clearly and convincingly. The workshops cover the basics of punctuation, grammar and style as well as the complete writing process from planning to final proofreading.

Every delegate receives plenty of individual feedback. This tailored approach is what makes my courses special. I aim to make a meaningful difference to every delegate’s writing skills, whatever their level of ability.

As well as a range of standard one-day and half-day workshops, I also offer one-to-one coaching and bespoke training sessions to suit clients’ individual needs.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.