Architects often prefer to communicate through drawing, but they need to write too. From short emails to hefty design and access statements, written communication is an inescapable element of any project. And, of course, writing is a key part of winning and publicising work and disseminating ideas and research.

My workshops help architects to write more fluently, clearly and convincingly.

While writing in architecture is often characterised by unfocused narratives, confusing sentences and clumsy jargon, the good news is that everyone can learn to write better.

Being able to write well has many benefits for architects. It reduces risk. It helps to build relationships of trust and respect with clients. And it helps practices of all sizes to raise their profile within the profession, the construction industry and wider society.

My aim is to make a real difference to every delegate’s writing skills.

My writing skills courses and workshops are designed to help architects, engineers and others to write more fluently, clearly and convincingly. Most of my workshops are semi-bespoke – tailored to the needs of the particular group. My aim is always to make a real difference to every delegate’s writing skills, whatever their level of ability.

I also offer one-to-one coaching – an increasingly popular option – and I am happy to create completely bespoke courses if required.

Currently, I am delivering all my workshops and coaching sessions online.

If you are interested in organising some writing skills training or coaching for your practice, please contact me to discuss your options in detail.